GETMO gives eCommerce stores the insights and funds to rapidly accelerate their growth on revenue-sharing terms.

Get from 5,000 USD to 100,000 USD within a day by providing your eCommerce sales data.

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Non-bank financial institutions operating in the financing sector

Providing business capital focused on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through financing facilities

Berkeley Skydeck Company #Batch16


Berkeley Skydeck Company #Batch16
Welcome to GetMo

Challenges in FundinG
for Small Businesses

Long Process

They may have to wait up to 30 days to receive funds

Mandatory Collateral

Only 10% of merchants usually fit collateral requirements

High Rejection Rates

There’s a 70% rejection rate for unsecured loans due to a lack of data

Small Loan Sizes

Merchants are usually offered smaller loans than what their businesses need

solve this problem

Fast Approval

Fully automated on boarding, scoring, KYC, and loan execution enables us to approve and under write loans in just 1–2 days

Flexible Repayment

Which smooths out the cash flow cycle for the Borrowers, enabling them to repay less when business isn’t going so well

High Approval Rate

We instantly fetch Borrower data from various sources and make a decision before even starting to communicate with the merchant

No Collateral

We minimize credit risk through sophisticated scoring, automated direct debits, and the payment of merchant invoices directly to suppliers


Marketing and Analytical Support

  • Free competitors report
  • Marketing budgeting
  • Marketing reports
  • Business insights

Revenue-Based Financing

  • Fast approval
  • High approval rate
  • Flexible repayment
  • Loan up to USD 300k

4 easy steps to

work with us

Connect Stores
They may have to wait up to 30 days to receive funds
Receive Offer
We carefully analyze all data sources to see if your business have growth potential
Get Business Insights
We provide recommendations on where and how is the best to spend money
Deploy Cash
Deploy cash on marketing, inventory and other areas you need to grow


Connect your online revenue  data

We use multiple data APIs to evlaluate your business quickly and fairly

Send bank statements

We aim to have 1 day as time to cash for you

Receive a loan offer

Start growing your business today!

Repay funding by giving us a fixed % of your sales
This is much simpler than repaying a lump sum.

Example of repayment - subject to scoring

You receive IDR 5,000 USD
You pay back 5,500 USD
Week 1
Your online revenue 6,500 USD

You pay: 975 USD

Outstanding Loan 4,525 USD
Week 2
Your online revenue 9,000 USD


You pay 1,350 USD

Outstanding Loan 3,175 USD

Week X
You continue to pay 15% of your marketplace revenue until 5,500 USD repaid
Once 80% of the loan is repaid, we might issue additional loan for you if revenue growth is on track and you had good payment discipline

I received funding fast without any complicated requirements. Aside from funding, GetMo also helped me to decide what marketing strategy I should apply, and their customer relations are top notch and attentive.

Rima Mega

Owner of Your_Socks

Seller on Shopee and TikTok

With GetMo funding, it gave me a chance to help me scale my business by solving the inventory issue. In addition, the funding process was fast and required no collateral.

Nouva Puspita

Founder & CEO of Carl & Claire Perfumery
Seller on Shopee

Revenue Based Financing / Sistem Bagi Hasil

  • 1-2 hari pencairan
  • Tanpa agunan
  • Tingkat persetujuan tinggi
  • Pelunasan fleksibel

Pinjaman Online -Marketplace

  • Fast approval
  • High approval rate
  • Flexible repayment
  • Loan up to USD 300k
the people
behind the



I run a small gift store on Tokopedia and need funding to expand sales. The GetMo team not only calculated my credit rating in a day, but also helped me identify new niches.

Loan Purpose:
marketing promotion
Loan Size:
1,600 USD
Revenue Growth:
up to 10 %
Return on Investment:
20 %+
Furniture / Décor Elements

I own a small furniture and home decor factory, and I sell it on Shopee. I needed money to expand sales in the regions. The guys at GetMo helped me get the best deal on the market!

Loan Purpose:
expand sales in the regions
Loan Size:
5,000 USD
Revenue Growth:
up to 20 %
Return on Investment:
25 %+

I sell men's clothing on BliBli and see potential in the women's clothing market. GetMo did an analysis of popular products in the niche and provided a credit rating. A week later I launched a new line of men's clothing in my store!

Loan Purpose:
expanding the product line
Loan Size:
3,600 USD
Revenue Growth:
up to 20 %
Return on Investment:
25 %+
Beauty / skin care / cosmetics

The GetMo team analyzed the market and made recommendations for product expansion. They matched me with a very attractive loan offer, and I spent the money raised on expanding the assortment.

Loan Purpose:
buying more supply
Loan Size:
2,300 USD
Revenue Growth:
up to 20 %
Return on Investment:
25 %+
Food / Beverages

GetMo analyzed the assortment, geo competitors and helped me attract money to scale my sales. I'm happy that there is such a service.

Loan Purpose:
expanding the product line
Loan Size:
5,600 USD
Revenue Growth:
up to 15 %
Return on Investment:
25 %+


How does it work?

The percentage of sales revenue allocated for monthly payments will depend on your sales, the requested amount, and the agreed-upon repayment period.

It's important to note that there are no interest rates. Our clients will know exactly how much they will pay from the outset. Transparency is fundamental to our business. We do not hold equity, personal guarantees, or any hidden fees.

The amount funded depends on your business's sales performance. The same applies to the repayment period for the funded capital: if your business experiences a decline, the repayment period will be extended.

What data does GetMo need to make a decision?

The GetMo loan process is straightforward, and we only require data related to your online store's performance. After registering on our platform, you only need to connect your e-commerce store accounts: Tokopedia, Shopee, BliBli, Lazada.

To provide you with peace of mind, we employ the strictest and most advanced criteria for security and confidentiality, ensuring that your data is 100% secure.

Before disbursing funds to you, we will also need to verify the identities of key individuals in your organization through photos and identification cards or passports.

What percentage of my income will be used for the down payment?

The repayment percentage ranges from 10% to 15% of your sales. This will depend on your business situation.

With our algorithms and based on an analysis of your business performance data, we will determine the optimal repayment rate for all parties.

How quickly can I receive the funds?

Once the agreement is signed, the funds will be available to you within 24 hours.

How will my data be used?

You can have complete confidence in GetMo's use of your data. We fully understand the importance of keeping the information you share with us 100% confidential. We will only use it to analyze your business performance and determine the amount of capital and repayment terms.

How long is the application process?

After the application process is completed, you will receive your pre-approval offer in less than 24 hours.

Within no more than 3 working days from that point, you will have the funds to invest in your business marketing.

Start growing your business today!